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2020 Spokane Renaissance Faire

Virtually the Best

Hail and Well Met!

Welcome to our daily recaps of the "Virtually the Best" digital festivities.  Below find all of the uploads and spotlights for each day of the event!  

All of the daily posts, the morning schedule, and trivia questions for each day can be found on our facebook page!

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you next year!

Day 1


BOOM Pirates

Sail the Seven Seas with the infamous crew of the Emerald Rose. These Privateers stand ready to both entertain and educate ... with swords, songs, and swivel cannon.

Hawke the Balladeer

Having been a Faire Favorite of the Northwest for many years, this plague has kept us from the wonderfully, talented, musical, entertaining, awkward, comedic, surprising, and ever accommodating, Hawke the Balladeer. However, fear not, for he has summoned forth the magical powers of Gandalf and transported his image across the lands. Sit back, sing along, and above all, help us celebrate all that is truly Faire.


Day 2


Wotan the Fairysmasher

Unable to join his "festival family" this year in smashing fairies, Wotan has taken up cooking and telling stories. Be sure to check out the "ingredient list" and join him as he continues to entertain everyone from a far.

Seattle Knights

Upon hearing of the retirement of Southampton's beloved jousting team JAWS, the Seattle Knights have taken up the challenge to entertain his Majesty. Join them as they demonstrate how they plan to win the hearts of patrons both near and far.


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